All-In-One Employee Wellness Program

Our compelling and engaging Employee Wellness programme (“EWP”) enhances your organization’s overall employee value proposition (EVP) to attract, retain and motivate employees to achieve its operational and strategic objectives.

The well-being of staff is a key priority as it impacts all aspects of your business, productivity, and staff morale.

Our job is to optimize healthcare costs and engagement by encouraging employees to lead a healthy lifestyle, that will at the end, reflect in their work, home and community.

Our Services

Employee Surveys

To make a wellness program a successful one, first, we need to understand who is it for. Our one-on-one consultation and surveys allow us to see what kind of issues are trending in your company and what areas can be improved in order to keep the workers healthy, happy, and confident.

Smoke Cessation Campaign

We will include the cessation campaign. Our anti-smoking campaign raises public awareness of smoking hazards and enhances the employees' participation in tobacco control. Our workshops are made to motivate non-smokers to support their smoking colleagues in quitting and straighten the smoke-free community concept.


Use strategy, problem solving skills and critical thinking to win at every turn. With an impressively wide array of activities, our Team building offers diverse team engagement challenges that fit every team’s needs. Play through carefully designed challenges that promote different and vital skills.

Weekly meal plans and guidelines

Here is the reality: employees, in general, tend to make unhealthy choices, simply because they don’t have the time to do otherwise. Picking up a doughnut for breakfast is easier than making a salad. Several cups of coffee substitute for a bad night’s sleep. Our job is to educate them and offer healthy alternatives through our 60-minute sessions.

Accelerated Sports Training Program

Our Accelerated Sports Training Program (ASTP) is geared towards promoting fitness and helping students reach their full potential not only representing the school but grooming them to represent the nation in international sporting arenas.

Ergonomic Office Equipment

The last step in a healthier work environment is to make sure your employees don't spend the whole day behind the computer screen. Many chronic diseases are preventable and creating healthy workout habits will get you and your employees one step closer to living a healthy life.


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