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As a Fat loss, Gut health and Sports dietician - here are a few things that I have been focussing on with my clients this week:

Prepare to make meal times easier. Find easy and convenient meals that can be easily frozen and re-heated. This helps with consistency and reduces intake of fats, sodium and Calories by up to 100%.

 Don’t underestimate the power of walking. Walking 10000 steps a day can burn 500 Calories a day. Walking 5000 steps a day can help lose 1kg of body fat a month.

Get moving before you take a sip on Caffeine. Lets start the day with a 15 minute walk instead of 2 coffees. This will stabilise hormones and blood sugars first thing in the morning.
Make your vegetables and salads taste good. A few extra calories on your vegetables and salads is better than no veg or salad at all.
Eat your soul foods without any bad feelings. Indulge in your soul foods without guilt. Include your favourite foods into your meal plans, and spare yourself from the guilt of indulging in them. After all the hard work of eating right, you deserve to feel fulfilled.

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